Dec 31, 2011

A "What the heck can I eat as a vegan" Guide

Sorry boys shes taken!
I would like to introduce you to my roommate: Miss Kerri, isn't she cute:) Well Kerri has agreed to help me complete my 100 things in 1001 days challenge! She is going vegan for the month of January and I am very proud of her! I can't wait to see her glowing in all her glory:)

However Kerri is not a big fan of cooking... at this point in her life (I think she'll come around). She is a big fan of the quick and easy. She'll  grab something on her way out the door or at her next stop on the road.

 The other day Kerri told me she was looking for some books on "what can I eat that's vegan"! That's when I thought wow I should write a post about this.  Now this is not a post on things I eat now but things I ate a lot when I first went vegan. Also its a good post for someone who doesn't know what vegan means.  A lot of you might be surprised to find out a lot of items in your kitchen already are vegan.

Vegan= somebody not eating animal products: somebody who does not eat meat, fish, dairy products, or eggs.

I Went through some of the food Kerri currently has in our kitchen to show whats vegan and whats not, take a look....Thumbs up= vegan
Thumbs down= Not vegan
Cereal is usually safe for vegans, both kinds Kerri has are. I would just make sure to check the labels because some companies like to sneak in dehydrated milk or yogurt in. Coco puffs are out though, sorry guys. (I'm sure whole foods makes an alternative)

Cereal is a good breakfast choice when switching to a vegan diet especially if that's what you currently eat for breakfast, however no more cows milk! There are so many yummy alternative milk choices and some not so yummy ones!

My favorites
-365 brand almond and rice milk
-Pacific organic soy milk
-SO delicious ccoconut milk
-Silk almond milk (probably the tastiest but also the highest in sugar)

Brands I am not a fan of:
-Almond breeze...yucky
-Tempt hemp milk ....I have yet to find a pre-made hemp milk i like....making my own always taste the best

Oatmeal is another great option for quick and easy vegan breakfast options. I like to make mine with mashed banana, a little soy milk, Cinnamon, almond butter and walnuts on top...maybe some chocolate chips:) And for those wondering about chocolate chips,  whole foods, Trader Joe's,Ghirardelli, Guittard all make  semi-sweet chocolate chips that are all vegan.

If you need some oatmeal recipes this lady knows how to eat oatmeal right Kath!
Eggs most of you probably know this but eggs, are not vegan. Instead of scrambled eggs I like to do sweet potato hash. Which is just sweet potato chopped up in cubes, red onion, garlic, bell pepper, maybe some tofu! However its more of a weekend breakfast thing.For those short on time some great vegan breakfast options are going to be:

1) Cereal with alternative milk
2)Oatmeal maybe with semi-sweet chocolate chips
3) A smoothie, classic green monster- Fresh spinach, banana, soy milk. ice. but really options are endless
4) Fruit and granola with almond milk

Snacks! There are a lot of snacks that are vegan, however these gold fish are not!
Somethings I like to or use to snack on are:
-Corn chips and salsa or gauc
-Vega bars
-Trail mix (just make sure there is no milk chocolate)
-Hummus and veggies
-Dried fruit
-Sweet potato/ veggie chips

Lunch! My favorite lunch when I first went vegan was millet bread

This brand is my favorite, with peanut butter (go organic with peanuts) and banana! so good quick and easy!

Other good lunch options are: 
-Soup... lots of vegan soups out there Amy's brand makes a bunch
-Amy's also has a lot of frozen vegan burritos and wraps along with frozen rice cheese pizzas
-Salads are also a good option for lunch, throw some beans and rice in there for a taco salad feel
-Nachos minus the cheese! Chips, beans a bunch of veggies with gauc and salsa over the top.( Daiya does make a vegan cheese, Not really my favorite I'd rather use nutritional yeast...found in bulk section its vegan but I'll save that for another post.

Dinner! These are good! well mission kinda has a lot of crap in the ingredients! but they are vegan! I would go with a more natural brand, but veggie burritos are in. Or bean and rice burritos, even fajitas minus the meat! Add tempeh that's stuff is yummy!

Other vegan dinner options
-Spaghetti minus the meat balls and me you wont even miss it!
-Veggie burgers and sweet potato fries. Sunshine burger makes a great one and sweet potato fries are easy to make but alexia makes great fries.
-Pita sandwich's with veggies, sprouts and hummus

Dessert! Man so many vegan desserts! My favorites:
-Dark chocolate, endangered species makes great bars, Try the one with raspberries
-Hemp ice cream with chocolate number 9 fudge sauce...or fruit a little healthier:)
-Flying apron cookies/Brownies
-Whole foods and pcc both always have vegan items like cookies and brownies in their bakeries
-Hail Merry's raw desserts Yum! If you haven't tried one you are miss out go now!

So there you have it, if you get creative the vegan options are unlimited! I hope this helps, try it out go vegan for a day, a month or forever! You'll help the planet, you'll help the animals and best of all you'll help yourself!

Wish my cute little roommate luck this new year, Kerri I know you can do it, you can do anything:)

Happy New Year everybody!


Stay tuned for what I eat now a year after going vegan!

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