Dec 22, 2011

What I Am Loving

Is it Christmas yet?!
Man I feel like December came so quickly and now the week is dragging. I can’t wait for Christmas!!! I am like a little kid around this time of yearJ
I thought I would use this post to share some products and things that I am A big fan of right now.
First: Chocolate my new dessert of choiceJ
Well Dark chocolate of course. This one isn’t as dark as I would usually buy but a coworker bought me one last summer and ever since then hooked, I make the exception for the 60% dark….
Let me introduce you to Theobroma,
The bar is perfect size with four breakable pieces. I have only had the chocolate with banana which is so good. But they do have other flavors chocolate with orange, raspberry, coconut and according to their website almond maple…which I have yet to see in store (maybe a good thing). I highly recommend going to your nearest whole foods and picking up a bar they are so good.  Did I mention it’s organic and has won a bunch of awards.

As I write this post I realize I two things, 1. I really am five years old and  2. It seems I have a thing for bananas!!!! ABRACADABRA
Bubble Bath! I got this from one of my favorite store the Herbalist. I think Know it’s for children but I used it last night and it totally made my bath. It’s made with all natural ingredients, feels great on the skin and smells amazing.  I suggest picking up a packet or two.

Ok so I use to be (Gasp...) blonde and I felt like my hair was super unhealthy because I was dying it all the time which it probably was.  In addition to that  I think it was because I used cheap hair serums, shampoo and conditioner.  Well I found the good stuff and while it’s expensive it’s worth it. And A little goes a long way Meet John Masters, He's a good guy:0
The line is all organic with whole food and natrual oils as the ingridents. I only have two products from his hair line but he has a skin and body line I think I need to check out.
1). Dry Hair Nourishment and Defrizz Oil. This oil works so well and I only use one drop.  My hair feels super soft but not oily and gross.
2).Lavender and Avocado Intensive Conditioner.
Similar to the oil the ingriedents are such high quality, that just a small amount will give you great results.
Well I could go on but I have to run 15 miles in the am so I should probably get ready for bed...
I'll save chocolate Coconut Water (sounds weird right.Its not) Lace Bras (Sorry male readers..awkaward) for another post!
Three days Until Christmas!
What are you loving right now? and Are you a holiday person?

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