Dec 19, 2011

Goals Are Good For Me

Happy Monday!
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 So This weekend I have been busy making a list of 100 things I want to accomplish in 1001 days (works out to be 3 years). My friend Nadina actually did the list first and told me about it, which was funny because I happened to see it on a random blog a few days prior...must be going around the blog community!  It's Similar to a bucket list however there is a definite time line, motivation to get things checked off the list. The list was super fun to make but definitely harder then I had thought, got real stuck at 90!

So here is my list, I know some people are not fans of setting goals.  They feel they are stuck to things they might lose interest in or they miss out on uncharted territory, but for me right now Goals are a good Thing

Starting today December 19th 2011
Finishing September 15th 2014

  1. Practice yoga everyday for 30 days straight
  2. Complete a triathlon
  3. Dominate climbing at stone gardens
  4. Become a certified yoga instructor
  5. Swim with Dolphins
  6. Tackle and conquer toleak peak
  7. Surf West port WA
  8. Do a pull up
  9. Kayak a river
  10. Weights once a week
  11. Participate in ski to sea race
  12. Cross country ski
  13. Backpacking adventure with friends
  14. Kayak the San Juan islands
  15. Take a Pilate's class with the equipment
  16. Complete the 100 push up challenge
  17. Try p90x
  18. Run with a group
19. Juice fast every Sunday for a month
20. Take a nutrition class
21. Get my hormones back on track
22. Get a friend/coworker/family member to go vegan for a month

23. Master dehydrated crackers
24. Master the art of making pretty pies
25. Get peter to make me breakfast in bed
26.Participate in a bake sale
27. Make a homemade gluten free pop pie
28. Have dinner at sultra
29. Make my own non dairy milk for a month
30. Make mama peas Dough Balls recipe
31. Pick organic strawberries during strawberry season
32. Master a Dish from another country
33. Make a dish for someone from another country
34. Make my own kombucha

35. Spend an entire day reading a book start to finish
36. Plan my wedding
37. Make a new friend
38. Write 100 blog posts
39. Cut my hair short...above shoulders
40. Attend a blogger conference (blog her foodie Seattle on my wish list!)
41.  Write 3 book proposals
42. Coach something new
43. See the sunrise seated on a mountain
44. Keep a thankful journal
45. Use reusable bags for shopping
46. Read spirit junkie
47. No laundry for a month
48. Meet a blogger I read
49. Attend a TED Conference
50.  Make Everyone homemade gifts for Christmas
51. look at houses in California
52. Spa day with the girls
53.Create a YouTube video
54. Sell my car
55. Walk a runway in heels
56. Leave someone a big tip
57. Make a meal for a homeless person
58. Plant a garden with children for children
59. Attend a service at mars hill church
60. Go Christmas caroling
61. Find a natural doctor I actually like
62. Attend a husky basketball game
63. Clean and organize baking cupboard
64. Disconnect for a day
65. Use reuse able cups
66. Pay off credit card
67.  Have a Blog day and or night with Nadina
68. Write a poem
69. Write someone a card that tells them how much i appreciate them
70. Send Christmas cards
71. Send out thank you cards
72. Go to the ballet
73. See another musical
74. Find out blood type

75. Knit a scarf
76. Host an event for a stranger
77. Host a race
78. Learn to sail
79. Take a creative writing class
80. Impact children
81. Do something for someone else that I don't want to do
82. Learn to sow
83. Go to a counseling session at least once with Peter
84. Take an event planning class
85. Learn a new type of dance
86. Go to NYC with my boo
87. Hop on a plan within 24 hours of booking flight
88. Camp at Birch bay state park
89. Go to Canada
90. Stay in a log cabin
91. Visit sonoma California
92. Take a trip with Kerri and nass
93. Sleep under the stars
94. Take a family vacation
95. Run with a group
96. Go to the Rain forest

A few I forgot
97. Fix something for Peter
98. Learn another language
99. Spend 24 hours/pull an all night er on a creative project
100. Leave an Operational Beautiful note

Wow that took a second! Can you tell I made this list during the holiday season:) Well that's the list, I am excited to get started and I'll keep you updated as I complete items.
Did you make a list? Whats on your list?

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  1. Love the list. So many great things on there you better get started tonight!

    Now it's time to knock the dust off my list :)