Dec 15, 2011

Women That Inspire

I have been saying I am going to write (A) post for a while but nothing came to mind…. until last week when I watched some TED ( Technology, Entertainment, Design) videos, Ted hosts speakers with all sorts of backgrounds, who are passionate about speaking.  I may have watched two or a lot of videosJ but one that really spoke to me was Alisa Vitti’s video, she is the founder of a women’s wellness center Flo Living. In her video she speaks about loving your lady parts (I love that she calls them this) and the importance of being in balance with all aspects of your body. She takes us through her journey to a healthy self and touches on saying No thank you to a life of medication. I highly recommend watching her video!

I never thought public speaking would be something I would be interested in, but after watching “two”J videos it’s definitely on my bucket list!
Watch out TED here I come!
I also really love Gabrielle’s video

Last but not least Natalia Rose! Man she is so on it! This is a little pass due, but right before Thanksgiving I embarked on a women’s detox From Natalia Rose’s book Detox 4 women.   I wanted to do the detox because right before I read the book I was having really bad sugar/carb cravings and I was told that it could be candida or maybe my system was just clogged.  This detox is by far the best one I have done yet.  It reminded me of the importance of juicing first thing in the morning and focusing more on greens in my juice less fruit. Also eating greens before grains or anything cooked .The greens create a clear path through your digestive system for the harder to process foods.   I am now eating gluten free focusing on ancient/ easy to digest grains like, buckwheat, millet and quinoa.  Lots of cooked root vegetables like parsnips, beets, squash and my favorite sweet potatoes.  The detox had me avoiding hard to digest foods or slow exit foods (Foods that take longer to digest) like Nuts/seeds and beans, which I use to eat a lot of. 

As the detox is over, I adapted a lot of the detox into my diet and I don’t see myself going back. I just feel so much better…did I mention you can have dark chocolate on the detox…I’ve went through a few barsJ But really I can’t say enough good things, Natalia really knows her nutrition stats and it shows, the book also has great recipes.
P.s I was not doing it to lose weight but I did lose five pounds on the detox, great way to take care of extra pounds from the holiday!

I am inspired by so many women but these are just a few that have been on my mind lately.
What women inspire you?

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