Jan 11, 2012

I am still Here!

Hello beautiful Peeps!

Just a short post to let you know what I have been up to and whats coming up!

Peter and I had a great new years! It was filled with Pizza, yum if you have not been to pizza pi I highly recommend it! Not an everyday thing but perfect for new years. We had some komubucha, organic martinelli's and got to work!

I know might not sound like the funnest way to celebrate but it was perfect for. us. We started a meetup, that I am really excited about! Seattle Healthetarians, its a group for people in Seattle to come together and share what they know about health and get help on things they don't know much about. Mostly plant based nutrition, diet and exercise.  We had our first meet up last night and it was so much fun. Peter and I are both really passionate about this so hopefully Seattle Healthetarians transforms into just healthetarians and we can reach people all over the world.

well I am hoping to get a lot of posts up in the next few days, as I am getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow morning and have three days off. I hope I can be productive but well see how I am feeling!

Upcoming posts:
Miss S's Daily eats
Skin care products
More about Seattle Healthetarians, our juice class
Projects I am working on
My favorite places to eat as a vegan.
Let me know if there are other posts you would like to read about!

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