Jan 17, 2012

The Universe IS Talking to YOU!

Hello snow angels! well its snowing here and its a big deal because we rarely see snow in Seattle (not very much anyways). I am not a snow person, I would much rather see a big bright ball of sunshine. And I am training for a marathon and the snow kinda puts a damper on that. However I knew it was gonna be snowing today so i got up at 5:30 am and went to hot yoga so I wouldn't feel guilty about missing a workout, that's the worse. I am gonna try and do some kettle bell lifts later today (I'll take pictures:)).
Any ways during my yoga class my yoga instructor asked the class "Do ever feel like the universe is talking to you"? And I wanted to stand up and say YES! And yes it is talking to you too! I just recently realized this, and I think know it was because of this Lady. But the universe is always talking to us we just have to listen and decided what we are going to do with it. Let me share the story my Instructor shared with us. He was walking to class this morning when he saw the cover of the Seattle times, which read something like: "Huge Storm Takes Over Seattle"!  He continues to walk and walks by a book store, and in the window the display Reads: "Keep Calm Carry On".  He starts class with this story which is perfect because that was what was on every ones mind in class this morning..."Am I going to be able to get home after this class"? "How much snow are we going to be greeted with when we step outside this building"? But this reminded us to Keep calm and carry on with our yoga practice, and to be present in the moment. Which is something I am working on to just BE. It turned out to be a great class and there was no snow on the ground when we left at 7:30am. A little bit of a rant but let me get back to the title of the post The universe was talking to my instructor, and me and the universe is talking to the rest of you, Its just up to you whether or not you listen.

Lately I have been trying to figure out, how I can make a living doing what I love! Teaching others to Live Healthy, Happy, Lives:) Teaching people about fitness and nutrition and positivity! And just like that opportunities to do these things have been coming up in my life. Its the Universe telling me yes you can do this, the Universe has your back Sarah! Let me share some examples. At work they are going to let me teach team members about Eat Right America, which is a great program started by Joel Furhman, it looks at how you are currently eating and shows you what nutrients you are deficient in and creates a eating plan that helps you incorporate those. Another example is the group Peter and I created, Seattle Healthetarains. Which is a place for people to share their interests about health and for us all to learn and grow together, it's getting a lot of positive feed back! And lastly I have been wanting to start my own vegan coaching program but haven't been sure how to go about it. Well this weekend I stumbled across this website where this lady was doing exactly what I want to do. And I said OMG Yes! This is a sign, I have to do this! It was the Universe talking to me! And boy did I hear it, so that's it I am starting my own Vegan coaching program. Still working on all the deets but I'll for sure keep everyone posted. 
So let me leave you with this:
Keep Calm Carry On and Listen to the Universe it is most definitely talking to YOU;)
One last thing this was my fortune from yoga class last week 

OK,got it.

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